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Re: AM status for Krystian Wlosek?

Hi. Thank you a lot.

I suppose that everyone are busy today, so do I. I'm a little tired
with sponsoring his packages and I know he could to upload his
packages by his own.

I really don't undestand why new developers are checked so precisely.
I think it is much harder to join Debian than i.e. Google or
Microsoft. It is ridiculous. I understand, the developers should have
a good knowledge of unix systems and our ogranization but... that's
going too far!

I'm sure that many people resigns because this process is too long. I
really wonder why Krystian still want to be Debian developer. I think
I weren't be a Debian developer today, if I would take so long NM
process 8 years ago.

2007/9/25, Aníbal Monsalve Salazar <anibal@debian.org>:
> I'm sorry about the delay, I have been very busy with my new job.
> I'll work on Krystian's application this weekend.

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