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Re: How to detect if inside a buildd chroot

On Tue September 25 2007 5:03:32 am Sebastian Dröge wrote:

> AFAIK this only happens if specified in some config file that daemons
> shouldn't be started. Whatever, although hal is invoked by invoke-rc.d
> it is started in the buildd chroots. :/

It is this whole problem that has caused me to never want to try to build 
things in chroots -- the problem of installing things that mess with 
daemons.  I've had MTAs restarted, cron restarted, etc.

I don't really think that chroot is the appropriate tool for this.  Why not 
something more strongly isolated, such as vserver, OpenVZ, or even Xen or 
UML for this?

-- John

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