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Re: How to detect if inside a buildd chroot

Sebastian Dröge <slomo@circular-chaos.org> writes:

>> That sounds like "recommends", TBH. The fact that apt used to not 
>> install Recommends by default has led to way too stringent 
>> relationships; I don't see a problem with packages that are largely 
>> unusable without a recommended package as long as they handle the 
>> situation gracefully.
> Ok, but even if it is recommends, as apt install recommends by default
> won't it be installed in the buildd chroots too?

I'd assume that the buildd maintainers will configure apt in a way that
it doesn't install recommends, but only depends. I don't know if this
has been discussed among the buildd maintainers, does anybody know a
contact adress for them as collective?

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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