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Re: Why no Opera?

Ben Finney wrote:

> Juliusz Chroboczek <Juliusz.Chroboczek@pps.jussieu.fr> writes:
>> The Firefox monoculture is doing a lot of harm to our community.
> I wasn't aware that Konqueror, Netsurf, or the many other non-Firefox
> browsers had suddenly become unavailable in our community. There
> doesn't appear to be any mandate to use one specific web browser
> either. So, I don't know what "monoculture" you're referring to.
>> Just like Linux learnt a lot from SunOS, GCC benefited from the
>> competition from ICC, Firefox will benefit from the competition with
>> other players in the same niche.
> Again, I don't see what's preventing people from using that software
> if they want to.

Maybe a significant amount of sites that only work with IE (unavailable on
linux, at least without wine) or Firefox?


  Felipe Sateler

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