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Re: Package lists for (stable) distribution CDs/DVDs (integrating to package.d.o)

> Sounds like a cool idea, with a minor issue. The contents of the CDs
> and DVDs can (and do) vary a little from arch to arch. But we could
> easily do
> http://packages.debian.org/stable/cd1-i386/
> etc. If anybody's interested, I can easily generate package lists from
> the CD contents and put them somewhere accessible; just let me know
> when/where/what format is best.

I think that woul dbe indeed useful as there're people asking on irc
where to find the lists every other day, and the usual answer for them
is to read through the jidgo files, which is not a very easy way.

Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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