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Re: Why no Opera?

On Sep 7, 2007, at 11:58 AM, Edward Welbourne wrote:

Please consider to maintain and/or co-maintain some free packages
for the distribution and become a DD.
I have asked my boss whether we can treat the time I'd need for this
as my training budget allocation; I'll see how that goes ;-)

And thank you for the offer to be sponsor - I'll have a look at the
work-needing page to see if I find something that appeals,

One quick way in might be to join a team, then you can share the burden of maintaining packages. It also provides a way to speak to experienced developers who have encountered many issues previously through the packaging team's mailing list. There are many teams, like the debian-perl team, which I am a member of.

If you go to http://alioth.debian.org/ and look on the bottom right- hand corner you'll see "Recently Registered Projects." Some of those are packaging teams which you can request to join.

Look forward to seeing your @debian.org email address. :^)


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