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Re: Fwd: Re: Why no Opera?

> Can we still hope that there are requests from the Opera developers that a 
> certain set of LGPL libraries are out there that should be distributed with 
> Debian (which they are currently not or in a "wrong" version or missing 
> patches) that would help to further reduce the footprint of the 
> non-inspectable closed-source bits of the Opera Debian package?

Since we dynamic link everything - except for the Qt in our
opera-static package - we simply use the dependency mechanisms in the
Debian package system to ensure the presence of the libraries on which
we depend, all of which are present in standard debian packages
already.  So I don't think there's anything that fits your description
above.  Again, if you believe otherwise, I'd be interested to know.

> Or are there free tools you are developing with that should be part  
> of Debian?

Again, all the tools we use in development are present in Debian
already.  In fact, in practice, the Unix team would not think of using
any tool *not* in Debian, simply because most of us use Debian boxes
as our main work-stations ;^)


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