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Re: Bugfix/hardware support updates to stable releases?

There are plans for an "etch + 1/2" release which would update the
kernel and X server to support newer hardware.  I don't what the status
or timetable for this is.\

This would be great.  I'm curious who is working on it...

Why not use backports.org?

Well, none of what I need is there. (I guess the kernel is, but it's only 2.6.21 and I *need* 2.6.22).  It's also unofficial, so it's not something that a user buying a new machine would really want to use as a long term solution.

Only release-critical bugs are fixed in a stable release.  You can get
non-critical fixes for some packages by selective use of backports.org.

It seems like it would be good to have all fixes that can be done without disruption...


Ben Hutchings
When you say `I wrote a program that crashed Windows', people just stare ...
and say `Hey, I got those with the system, *for free*'. - Linus Torvalds

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