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(size savings +) Re: proposed release goal: DEBIAN/md5sums for all packages

* Pierre Habouzit
* Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 15:22:05 +0200
>> Yes, that sounds like a good idea. It might also be interesting to not
>> put those into the control.tar.gz, but directly into the deb, so that it
>> can easily be extracted.
>   OTOH that sucks because it would mean that we have to rebuild the
> whole archive that uses currently dh_md5sums, whereas we could just be
> backward compatible.

After playing with size reduction, i came up with stripping configs and
regenerating md5sums (if any). Yes, some packages aren't have them,
but after removing much of the stuff all must be regenerated anyway.

# dpkg-deb wrapper for geloiwa:

	cd "$WDIR" # here WDIR=WDIR/data
	GACONF=`du -s "$CFGDIR"`
	md5sum `find . -type f | sort` > "$CFGDIR/md5sums" < /dev/null

	cd "$CFGDIR"
	GAdtCONF=$((`ff $GACONF` - `ff $(du -s)`))

	cd "$WDIR/../"
	printf "_ $PKG\t\t$GAdtSTAT+$GAdtCONF\t$GASTAT+$GACONF" >>stats
	tar c -C data -f "$DATAFILE" .
# shend

How much size was reduced in each case is stored in shell-syntax
stats file for ease of totals generation.

Another design problem in this dpkg-deb<->dpkg dance is this re-taring of
data for dpkg. After another package database format, hopefully more
faster, this is issue to solve.

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