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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

[Hendrik Sattler]
> As long as "automatic" doesn't take more time than "using manual
> settings", that's fine. I doubt that they can detect some of the
> settings (keyboard layout, driver options), though ;) I appreciate
> the efforts a lot though, especially a better cooperation of kernel
> drivers and X, and runtime screens and input device detection.

discover is used to feed default values into the debconf questions
asked about X configuration when the xserver-xorg package is
installed.  The keyboard layout, driver options etc, are not using
values fetched from discover.  There is work going on to let the X
drivers themself expose information on their supported hardware, and
use this information to automatically configure X.  It will make the X
config use of discover obsolete.

> There are still people that like it bit more control. Udev is ok for
> me but discover goes to far if it automatically installs stuff. You
> have to draw the line somewhere and that's definitely such a line,
> at least for me.

Why?  Tasksel install a lot of stuff automatically during the system
installation.  Is it bad too?

> If it doesn't take any time at boot time and doesn't change my
> package list, I'll happily try it again. :) Actually I just did and
> there is not init script installed by default?!  Additionally, it
> probably would reduce detection time if the stuff that udev can
> handle is skipped.

I get the impression that you are talking about boot time?  I am
talking about the Debian installer and behavior at install time.
discover is not used at boot time, and have not been providing a
init.d script since before Etch was released.  Kernel module loading
at boot time is better left to the systems reading /lib/modules/ (udev
at the moment), so that part was disabled in discover.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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