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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

Am Donnerstag 09 August 2007 21:23 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Hendrik Sattler]
> > Is discover still installed by default on new installs?
> Not sure.  I suspect it depend on the task being installed.  It is
> currently used to detect which X driver to activate, but that need
> will go away in the future when X.org manage to configure itself
> automatically. :)

As long as "automatic" doesn't take more time than "using manual settings", 
that's fine. I doubt that they can detect some of the settings (keyboard 
layout, driver options), though ;)
I appreciate the efforts a lot though, especially a better cooperation of 
kernel drivers and X, and runtime screens and input device detection.

> > If yes, is this activated by default?
> The automatic kernel module source build feature was added to discover
> a few days ago, so it is to activated anywhere yet. :)
> > I ask because I would like to get a "no" for both question and a big
> > "NO" if the first question is answered with "yes".
> Why?

There are still people that like it bit more control. Udev is ok for me but 
discover goes to far if it automatically installs stuff. You have to draw the 
line somewhere and that's definitely such a line, at least for me.
If it doesn't take any time at boot time and doesn't change my package list, 
I'll happily try it again. :)
Actually I just did and there is not init script installed by default?!
Additionally, it probably would reduce detection time if the stuff that udev 
can handle is skipped.


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