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Re: Debian Packaging Handbook project

Alle mer 8 agosto 2007, Manoj Srivastava ha scritto:
> > The goal is from my POV to produce something much more complete and
> > with a different scope: while the NMG etc. are (roughly) tutorials
> > targeted to people who want to make their first packages etc., the DPH
> > would be a rich manual for all those who maintain packages.
>         All of us who maintain packages?  Now, this is interesting,
>  since there are several styles of package build systems out there
>  (cdbs, yada, debhelper,plain); and even withing these are sub-genres
>  (dpatch, quilt,integration/feature-branches).
>         Is the goal then to include all possible manuals for all the
>  styles extant? Or are you going to go for one preferred style (or a few
>  preferred styles) and stick to that?

Thanks for pointing at this. :)

Indeed, it looks at me that one of most exciting and challenging goals would 
be to outline (and hence describe in a detailed manner) all of the different 
existing styles and compare them after several points of view, so that one 
can choose her/his preferred style based upon which she/he believe to better 
fit to her/his needs, rather than just the first they suggested her/him or 
that with the best documentation available or something alike. I think this 
would be also useful for mentoring.

Luca Brivio

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