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Re: /bin/sh diversions

On Aug 03, Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de> wrote:

> Give the user the tools to shoot himself into the foot. Besides, dash
> is already using the debconf dance, so why discriminate other shells
> that are fine to do it according to policy?
To reduce complexity. Complexity is bad.

> >bash (the standard
> Which standard? It's not even POSIX conformant because of its extensions.
Linux de facto standard.

> Most operating systems don't come with GNU bash either.
All Linux versions do.

> >which works with everything
> set -A foo
> find . -name \*mp3 |&
> while read name; do foo[${#foo[*]}]=$name; done
> mpg123 -z "${foo[@]}"
> I see two things in this (here splitted) one-liner I use often that don't
> work with bash, which is expected, as they are features of the Korn shell.
bash is not supposed to be a Korn shell replacement. Non sequitur.

> Please don't just say GNU/Linux/ELF/ILP32/i386 is everything; open minds.
It's everything that matters for the purpose of this discussion.


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