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Re: Packaging a difficult project

Thomas Jollans wrote:
> On Saturday 04 August 2007, Brendon Costa wrote:
>> EDoc++ binaries are currently around 20M. It does not require any
>> special binutils etc, but will just use what is already available for
>> the system. I am currently building a single non-policy conformant .deb
>> package.
> I think the concern is more about the edoc source, which would apparently 
> include gcc source, which is large and already on the mirrors multiple times.

The tarball of all source necessary to build EDoc++ is 25M and extracted
 it is: 47M.

EDoc++ stores in its source tree patches against GCC along with the GCC
original tarballs, and at build time will extract the gcc tarballs into
the build directory and apply the patches before building it. This means
the builddir can be quite large, but all files in it are "derived" from
the ones in the source directory and can be deleted between builds
without any re-percussions.

I am not sure where the 1G comes from, unless talking about the
duplicity across various mirrors. I do admit however that there is an
unfortunate problem that various projects may require GCC sources (Cross
compilers are not an exception). This is unfortunate, however from what
i understand it is unavoidable. If there is a way to avoid it I would be
interested in looking at pursuing that option if it will help.


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