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Re: Non-security updates between stable releases?

Tim, I couldn't write it better.

3 months ago, there has been a thread with similar topics: Debian desktop -situation...


Tim Hull  wrote / napísal(a):
Just to follow up, I do appreciate that Debian wishes to cover so many architectures - I even installed Debian on quite possibly the most obscure architecture in the past, m68k (an old Quadra 700). Would have been funny to attempt a full-blown X install. Honestly, only NetBSD rivals Debian in that department. However, I will agree that it seems a bit absurd to hold up security fixes for a browser for all architectures based on breakage on a few obscure ones. Getting back to my original question, it still seems like there is a problem (at least for end users on the desktop) with the current release cycle. Lenny is not slated for release until September 2008, yet Etch will be spectacularly outdated before then (for some, it already is - just ask Gnome users, who are two releases behind *now*). Testing is not a viable desktop choice (observe the aforementioned security issues), and unstable is really OK only if you are a Linux expert. It seems to me that something has to be done - whether this be some official backports (especially of popular components like KDE, Gnome, the kernel, etc) or a faster release cycle. Personally, I prefer the former idea - I don't see a need to update my glibc and gcc every 6 months and like the stable Debian base, though I do like to have the latest Gnome. I think many users are in the same boat. Anyway, if any work is done in this regard, please let me know. Tim

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