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Re: Non-security updates between stable releases?

On 7/29/07, Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:
ciol <ciol13@gmail.com> writes:
> Russ Allbery wrote:

>> Are you aware of backports.org?

> But backports are recompiled packages from testing, and for instance
> testing is still with iceweasel How is it possible to improve
> this?

In the case of Iceweasel, stable already has, as this was a security update.  There is supposed to be a testing security team, but evidently they haven't gotten around to the Iceweasel fix. Honestly, it is a bit weird - but a fact of the release system - that testing is actually *behind* stable in the particular case.

If you want to run absolutely bleeding edge code, you have to run
unstable; there's no way around it.  Otherwise, you still have to wait for
testing and stabilization of packages.  In my experience, that solves more
problems than it creates; I run testing on my primary desktop for the
additional stability and run unstable on my other systems so that I can

This is the problem - most users (mission-critical servers excepted) want to get certain updates on an as-needed or wanted basis.  Sometimes this is absolutely necessary especially towards the end of a release's lifespan when most new hardware simply won't work without certain updates.  However, they DON'T want a system in constant flux where some major component could break any minute, which is what unstable or even testing is.  

Anyway, I guess I'm getting the impression that Debian and its users are more oriented towards the mission-critical server than the average desktop user. I.e. - you're competing more with OpenBSD than with Windows Vista or even Ubuntu (which is, of course, Debian-based). That's fine with me - I definitely know Debian would be my first choice for a mission-critical server.  However, my concern is more towards the desktop, and as such I may continue to investigate other distributions.

I appreciate what you're doing - keep up the good work...




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