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Re: Looking for new FTP assistants

>> This require some work from sender's side, how is using plain MUA<->ML
>> interaction. For things like Gmane or reportbug anti-spam rules are
>> customizable and known at least.
> While defending against spam is being long enough on user's side [0],
> why not to apply this little addition to sender's duty, hm?

Another idea is tickets for first message (thread start, opening bug
report {0}) and requirement to have in-reply-to in any other message.
It's already requirement in rfc2822(SHOULD) to have it in replies. What
is ticket, then? When one wants to send message{0}, request is sent to ML
handling service or watch dog (helper service), ack is sent. Then
replying on that message will bring in-reply-to header as a ticket.

Currently some tools (bts) don't make threads in bug report, i.e. do
not include reference on at least last message in bug report, while
producing manipulations. Changing this will have 100% chance to remove
anything non related, unless more intelligent noise maker will appear.

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