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Re: NMU's for non RC bugs

Neil Williams wrote:
> In the process of fixing one RC bug (#359299) in order to fix another
> (#289668) I am testing a possible fix for two other related bugs in the
> first package (g-wrap) : 428800 and 383049 (just merged).
> The related bug is currently only normal severity:
> "g-wrap binary package depends on libgwrap-runtime0-dev instead
> libgwrap-runtime0"
> "Please drop guile-1.6-dev dependency for Gnucash"
> Everyone else: If Andreas does not respond, is there any way of fixing
> 428800 and 383049? Are the issues worth an RC bug anyway?

I don't see any reason why you wouldn't include it in the NMU you are doing

> I don't mind making two NMU's, if that helps clarify the different
> issues.

The bugs are filed as seperate issues, you could send different patches,
though I think one patch for all the bugs will probably be clear enough anyway
for these kind of bugs.



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