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Bug#417118: ntpdate: Start sequence problem for some network setups

Touko Korpela wrote:
Peter Eisentraut wrote:

The network is started by /etc/rc0.d/S35networking, which starts ntpdate
when eth0 becomes "up". At that time, the local nameserver is not yet
available, it is started by /etc/rc[2345].d/S15bind9. ntpdate cannot
resolve the names of the NTP servers and fails.

That is really a more general problem: Most network services need name service, so whatever script is run when a network interface comes up will fail.

Is there any ideas to fix this? I'm having same problem with ntp+dnsmasq

Not a general solution, but an observation. It's fine to start dnsmasq before the network interface(s) are up, as long as the --bind-interfaces option is not used.



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