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Re: upstart (Re: Bug#417118: ntpdate: Start sequence problem for some network setups)

* martin f krafft (Fri, 6 Jul 2007 07:57:57 +0200)
> also sprach Oleg Verych <olecom@flower.upol.cz> [2007.07.05.1957 +0200]:
>> Unless i will see any kind of implemented proposal, i.e. tar or deb
>> that i can use/test on base installation, it's a *technical* problem.
> So why don't you use your time to help solve the problem

In fact i do use my time now to solve problems. One of those is an
alternative to "dpkg filters", after one or two days to be released to
you here. Another, as you night notice in this ML, is bug shooting in

> instead of harping= on mailing lists?

Oops, i thought message, i was replying to, is one of those. That's why
i did reply in such way actually.

Either way, i don't care.

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