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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

> When last I looked (some time ago), none of the different XMMS
> successors were ready for prime time.  Are bmpx, audacious, and xmms2
> all usable now?

imho xmms2 is not a real replacement for xmms, as this client-server
model is too complicated for the normal user, and I find it pretty
annoying. If I'd be in the need of any kind of server, I'd use a proper
streaming server.
The last time I've tried it bmpx was working well, but there were some
plugins missing I used in xmms, don't remember which ones, though. But I
still support the removal of xmms from Debian as it is pretty much
broken and buggy, and gtk1 is pretty much outdated. People thinking
about fixing xmms should better invest time in bmpx or audacious imho.

Also there's amarok and exaile, which are imho times better than xmms,
although they're probably not suited to run on old systems. Personally
I'm only using amarok to play files and streams these days.

Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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