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Source package containing HTML-only form of texinfo doc

  Hello all,

  I am currently reviewing the qtoctave package (#430731) before
sponsoring it. The package is now in a pretty good shape, excepted with
a problem for which I would like to have some advice: the qtoctave
upstream source ships with HTML-only form of the octave's texinfo
documentation, which is licensed under GPL. This documentation is
actually not installed in any binary package (for many reasons).

  My first reaction was that shipping this was violating the GPL and
that the documentation should be removed. However, do you think it is
reasonable to just add a statement to debian/copyright indicating the
authors/copyright of this document and where to find its source code
should be enough ? This way, no repackaging would be needed.



PS: CCing the packager.
Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
-- pretty boring signature, isn't it ?

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