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Re: Folding@Home Package Submission

Hi Zach,
On Wednesday 27 June 2007 03:44:21 Zachary Palmer wrote:
> Hey, all.  I *think* I have a working submission for the contrib section
> of Debian mainline; this is the Folding@Home download-and-install
> wrapper that I was discussing a couple days ago.  I'm rather new at
> this, so I don't know exactly how I should proceed.  What is the process
> for screening my package?  Is this the appropriate mailing list to
> discuss the matter?  It'd probably be a good idea to have someone who
> knows what they're doing look over my package and make sure that it's
> not... well... insane.

as it was mentioned in another email, mentors.debian.net would be a good place 
for a first or second version of your package. So is your home page. I would 
presume the Debian-Med community http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-med/ to 
be interested, too, and expect you to eventually find a sponsor, too.

If you have not already, I think you are ready to prepare an ITP (interest to 
pack, http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/) for your package, which is commonly 
regarded as the entry point of every new package. Once the package is 
available for download somewhere, you should add this info to your ITP 

Something I would like to discuss is to what degree your package is in 
conflict with, say, boinc-client, another idle time scavenger. I do not think 
that both should be installed on a single machine, but is this something that 
should be stated as a conflict in the control file? Rather not, does it?.

Best regards


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