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Re: Two proposals for a better Lenny (testing related).

Ter, 2007-06-12 às 22:05 +0200, Frans Pop escreveu:
> Personally I think the current system is fine.

just a note, as user:

The current system is fine but:
 - priority from unstable should less than testing or stable ( as i
think - not for sure - happens nowadays). On experimental has less
 - There are no guaranties that testing is always working and stable.
 - there are no guaranties that testing is secure (please security team,
can you clarify this?)
 - There are no public, announced, snapshots from testing (so people can
download and install).
 - Testing simply moves too fast and the automatically passage process
between unstble and testing *DOES* break testing. For one example,
package "foo" requires package "bar<=0.3" but package "bar 0.4"
automatically passes to testing. Package conflicts, etc, etc. (i used
etch when it was testing since almost sarge's release).
 - Smooth passages are not always smooth (who had a working xorg after
the upgrade for 7, please raise their hands)
 - kernel modules simply die, when the kernel is upgraded, but the
modules aren't ( people using non-free nvidia modules, raise their
hands; people using wifi modules raise their hands)



So ... automatically pass to testing ... is bad.
So ... more package tests are need (such as test reverse depends)

Then, announce snapshots and that testing is (+/-) STABLE, USABLE and
SECURE, presenting users with a clear message in debian's site.

best regards
Luis Matos

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