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Re: APT 0.7 for sid

[Daniel Burrows]
>   I'm in favor of either enabling this by default in apt or downgrading
> Recommends in policy to just a "really Suggests".
[snip interesting background material]

I would suggest - nay, I would recommend - keeping Policy the way it is
and fixing packages to use Recommends as it was intended.  It is a very
useful semantic and I wouldn't want to see it get lost.  We already
have Suggests, after all.

>   This has led to a situation where I occasionally hear things like
> this statement, from a developer whose incorrect Recommendation was
> being obeyed by aptitude and breaking the system:
>   "It's things like this that encourage me to continue using apt-get
>    instead of aptitude!"

Simply astonishing.  I hope the developer was roundly larted, by you or
someone else, with a copy of Policy printed on heavy paper and
hardbound with brass accents.


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