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Re: APT 0.7 for sid

Sex, 2007-06-08 às 09:58 +0200, Francesco P. Lovergine escreveu:
> On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 09:24:48AM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> > On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 12:59:38AM +0200, Michael Vogt wrote:
> > > The big new stuff is:
> > > - support for unattended installing security upgrades (via the
> > >   unattended-upgrades package and the apt cronjob)
> > 
> > This sounds juicy, assuming it matches what I've in mind; where can I
> > find more info on this new feature?
> > 
> It looks also very dangerous :)

There are a lot of server (mostly in Small business) that would benefit
a *lot* from this.

i have 2 servers that i only login for apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
-y, they are running sarge (yet) and only install security upgrades.

These 2 server will not be put in danger by making the update && upgrade
in an autonomous way.

one good feature would be (i don't know if it's included) an option to
mail the sysadmin when a new kernel is installed. Because reboot cannot
be automated ... or let the sysadmin install only the kernel manually
(or have an option do that) but inform the sysadmin mail command is our
friend) for the existence of  new kernel..
> -- 
> Francesco P. Lovergine
ps: DD's and debian contributers ... if i had not said this before,
"You're Cool". (ok, i'm cool too).

best regards

Luis Matos

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