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Re: Dependencies on shared libs, take 2

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> For me the only significant advantage of this proposed format is that it
> offers the possibility to add additional automatic dependencies at the
> package level and not only at the symbol level.
> Joey, how would you integrate this new scheme if I decided to reuse the
> shlibs file as you proposed?
> Currently my plan was simply to have people add one (or more) calls
> to dpkg-gensymbols in the build process (between dh_installdeb
> and dh_shlibdeps, and possibly integrated within dh_makeshlibs too).
> Now, if we have people store symbols in shlibs file, it means that
> dh_installdeb would install the shlibs file with symbols. That could be
> almost enough except that we really want a check that the information
> stored in those files matches the reality so we need to call
> dpkg-gensymbols either to update the file with real symbol information or
> at least to verify it and fail it it doesn't match.
> How can we make sure that this second step actually happens in the build
> process? Would you accept to modifiy dh_installdeb for this?
> Hum... it doesn't sound so complicated after all. What do others think?

Well, bear in mind that I was basically only bikeshedding..

It would actually be dh_makeshlibs that would, as part of its creation
process for the shlibs file, presumably call dpkg-gensymbols, or do
whatever it needed to do to get the symbol info into the file.

see shy jo

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