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Re: Dependencies on shared libs, take 2

Le lundi 04 juin 2007 à 21:29 +0200, Raphael Hertzog a écrit :
> > Again, this doesn't take into account existing symbols that change their
> > ABI across versions. I won't insist too much, as I have already
> > explained at large how heavy a burden it puts on the maintainer's
> > shoulders.
> I understood your point, unfortunately it doesn't look like there's much
> to do except giving up all the other benefits that I expect from this
> way of handling dependencies on shared libs.

I agree that the benefits are worth the deal, but we should make clear
that the price to pay for these benefits is a continuous effort from the
maintainer. Therefore it should not be used by maintainers not aware of
its subtleties. 

> If you have concrete suggestions, I'm all ears. 

A possible part of the solution would be a script parsing the diff
between headers and emitting warnings such as:
      * type foo has changed, please check it doesn't affect functions
      * enum foo has new possible values, please check it doesn't affect
        functions ABI
      * OMFFSM function bar's prototype has changed!
      * struct foo has changed, please kill upstream
Of course it wouldn't be enough to detect more subtle changes like new
supported file formats, which only change the code, not the headers.

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