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Re: APT 0.7 for sid


On Thu, 07 Jun 2007, Michael Vogt wrote:
> I plan to do an apt 0.7.2 upload for sid this weekend. It's a big merge
> of the version in debian/experimental and the version in Ubuntu. 

Big thanks and kudos for your work!

> - automatic removal of unused dependencies moved into libapt so that 
>   applications like synaptic, python-apt, update-manger etc directly 
>   benefit from it. A HUGE thanks to Daniel Burrows (one of my personal 
>   heros) for his work on this feature.

Yay! That's really awesome. I wanted that for so long. :) I keep using
apt-get one way or another for example because of "apt-get build-dep" and
I missed the fact that dependencies should be marked as auto-installed

BTW I just wish we could have a way to say that all packages installed by this
build-dep command are marked as automatic (so that they get removed in the
next upgrade, because I have stopped playing with that source package in
the mean time).
> I also asked for a project on alioth for apt so that we can have a
> shared bzr repository for the current debian versions. 

I just created it. :-)

> This way e.g. Christian Perrier can commit his very valuable i18n
> updates directly to the repository. I also hope that more people can get
> access so that the load is a bit more shared.

Couln't you prepare a talk for Debconf where you could introduce
people to the internals of Apt? It could be helpful to recruit new
volunteers on this crucial part of our infrastructure.

> term. I would also love to find a way in the future to interface with
> the aptitude dependency problem resolver (that is superiour to the one
> in libapt).

In what way is it superior? Until now, apt-get always found a solution to
all the dist-upgrade that I gave him whereas aptitude sometimes didn't.

Raphaël Hertzog

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