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Re: Dependencies on shared libs, take 2

[Josselin Mouette]
> A possible part of the solution would be a script parsing the diff
> between headers and emitting warnings such as:
>       * type foo has changed, please check it doesn't affect functions
>         bar/baz/...
>       * enum foo has new possible values, please check it doesn't affect
>         functions ABI
>       * OMFFSM function bar's prototype has changed!
>       * struct foo has changed, please kill upstream

Sounds like a job for icheck (maintainer CC'd).  Consider adapting that
rather than reinventing it.

> Of course it wouldn't be enough to detect more subtle changes like new
> supported file formats, which only change the code, not the headers.

Right, in cases where new _features_ (or, indeed, bug fixes) affect a
particular reverse dep, obviously there's no general way to handle that
automatically.  Which is comforting, in a way; it's nice to know we
can't all be replaced with a very small shell script.

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