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Re: checklib

* From: Manoj Srivastava
* Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 12:04:01 -0500
* Organization: The Debian Project

>  (I tend not to optimize before determining whether it is needed).

Even trailing whitespace your editor tend not to remove, before X
time ;)

>         If someone wants to port my simple shell scripts into gobs
>  and gobs of python; they can get it from ./debian/common/checklibs
>  files in any of my packages; and they can browse on arch.debian.org for
>  easy access.

I've got it from your kernel-package. And want to `release early' my
non working version, mainly due to finding bugs in the binutils's
readelf and comparing it to elfutils'.

Before that, let me publish testcase for surely buggy `readelf':

cd /tmp/
exec 2>/dev/null

elf() {
readelf -sDW -- $* | sed -n -e '
/LOCAL/d;/UND/{ s_\([^ \t]*\)$_|\1_;s_[^|]*|__;p;}'

elf /bin/* | sort -u >$e

objdump -T -- /bin/* | sed -n -e '
/*UND*/{ s_\([^ \t]*\)$_|\1_;s_[^|]*|__;p;}' | sort -u >$o

__diff() {
>$1 diff -u $e $o
ls -l $1

__diff elfs_obj.diff # i have non zero diff here and zero one below

echo note size, but [press enter] ; read f

for i in /bin/*
do elf $i
done | sort -u >bin.elfs

__diff 0

echo so, readelf is buggy "?;)"


here it is anyway.

Notes about original:
- `basename' doesn't work,
- unlink early, rather than that "trap" bloat,
- "progname" isn't used anyway,
- awk, perl overkill, (there could be `python' easyly ;)
- `objdump' can handle one file at time (and not buggy).
+ i would suggest $PATH compatible EXTRA_.... syntax

Anyway it works! My is not yet ;)

Reading this thread, i just don't know what to implement (thus how).
If somebody can summarize, i can more forward a bit faster.

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