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Re: Why not move Apt to a relational database

On Monday 04 June 2007 01:34:01 Neil Williams wrote:
> That could actually be quite difficult - how would you migrate from one
> to the other?

Have the raw files and the sqlite cache on the mirrors. Give the local program 
the option to use either. Then you could use the raw files if the sqlite 
cache can't be used.

> The installer will inevitably use the smallest possible 
> combination of packages, the finished installation might need to use
> sqlite. Besides, you still have the same problems of trying to copy
> package sets and having to run sqlite before anything else can be done.

I don't understand why you'd have to run sqlite before anything else. It is a 
library, not an RDBMS like PostgreSQL.

> Migrating from a busybox rootfs (without dpkg) would potentially cause
> more problems and making busybox depend on sqlite is plain crazy.

No need with the above approach, as the dpkg from busybox could still use the 
raw files.

Warren Turkal

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