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Re: Why not move Apt to a relational database

Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk> writes:

> On Sun, 3 Jun 2007 13:47:20 +0200
> Christoph Haas <haas@debian.org> wrote:
>> > What about embedded systems that can barely run sqlite?
>> Is sqlite really *that* heavyweight?
> No, that's why it is used in some embedded systems. Even so, it has no
> place in the rootfs for an embedded system, IMHO. I'd rather not have
> to repackage apt to remove this change.

Why would it need to be on the root?  Surely the binaries and data
would just go on /usr and /var as normal?

Perhaps just using sqlite as an (optional) cache for dpkg and/or apt
would bring sufficient improvements to systems which desire it.


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