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Re: Why not move Apt to a relational database

On Sunday 03 June 2007 21:30:26 Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Even if SQLite is more robust than Berkeley DB, I don't think you could
> recover anything from a corrupt database. Plain text will always turn
> out better in terms of disaster recovery. If performance is an issue, a
> text file can - just like a bdb file - be indexed. Corrupt indexes can
> be regenerated, but corrupt databases cannot.

i believe that i also stated in my last posting to dpkg-devel that a good 
implementation would treat such a "db" as cache, and handle them being 


there were two answers to the  thread.  first, andreas barth said "well, 
there's the source, show us something and we'll talk about it", which is fair 
enough.  ian jackson also replied, (though he didn't cc me in spite of my 
multiple requests, tsk tsk), somewhat skeptical--though i don't think he
has actually looked at the code i supplied given his arguments.


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