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Re: Better documenting what does not work in Etch.

[Charles Plessy]
> Under the current policy, not all fixes to these problems would make it
> in a point release, but since the list is likely to grow longer and
> longer with time, I am really wondering if there is a better way to
> inform the users of that kind of issues, if possible a priori. Among the
> possibilities :
> - An Etch-centric view of the BTS (user friendly),
> - More updates to the release notes,
> - Documentation updates (BUGS section in the manpages)
> Other ideas ?

Very good points, and I believe you have a good point.  What about
making an errata wiki page for the etch release on
<URL:http://wiki.debian.org/>, and add links to the etch bugs in BTS?
It migth form the basis for updating packages and/or the release

Petter Reinholdtsen

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