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Better documenting what does not work in Etch.

Dear developpers,

Since the release, I am using only Etch, and there something frustrating
in the fact that discovering and reporting minor problems is not very

What could be the other obvious points of information ? For example,
here are the kind of issues I experienced:

- Japanese input systems can crash iceweasel or distrub nautilus
  depending how they are invoked.

- apt-get source does not honor the -t option.

- DRI can crash Xorg on some powermacs with some ATI cards, disabling it
  solves the problem.

- emacs is not configured by default to use han characters, but can.

- by default, /etc/motd is not the Message Of The Day anymore, since
  changes are lost on reboot and /etc/motd is not automatically updated
  when /etc/motd.tail is modified.

- IBM does not provide anymore the java tarballs supported by

- KDE creates a bogus trashcan on GNOME desktop.

Under the current policy, not all fixes to these problems would make it
in a point release, but since the list is likely to grow longer and
longer with time, I am really wondering if there is a better way to
inform the users of that kind of issues, if possible a priori. Among the
possibilities :

- An Etch-centric view of the BTS (user friendly),
- More updates to the release notes,
- Documentation updates (BUGS section in the manpages)

Other ideas ?

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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