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Re: Intention to drop sparc32 support for Lenny

The sparc32 port has been struggling for some time. Last month Jurij Smakov, currently the most active Debian Sparc porter, raised the question if support sparc32 should be dropped for Lenny [1].

The main reason is the fact that sparc32 support is no longer being maintained upstream for the kernel [2]. A result of that is that the 2.6.21 kernel is currently broken, which forces the issue.

It seems obvious that someone will *eventually* fix sparc32 support in the kernel upstream.

Why the rush to kill off the port, without waiting a relatively sane period of time for upstream issues to be fixed? This starts to sound like m68k part 2.

I'd suggest waiting, say, 3 months.

p.s. Yes I have a sparc32 box and yes it runs debian.


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