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Re: how long is 'pending'

Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk> writes:

> How long should bugs be tagged pending in advance of an upload?
> Is it acceptable to tag a bug pending when fixed upstream and the
> maintainer is confident of an upstream release in under a week? (This
> is easy for me, I'm also upstream in many cases. :-))
> Does it depend on the severity of the bug?
> Does it depend on the priority of the package? (or the popcon score?)
> Does it depend on how many bugs are tagged pending for that package?
> Should the bug be tagged pending as soon as it has been fixed with a
> local test package, no matter what?

I mark bugs as pending when I fixed them in
cvs/svn/arch/git/whatever. For me pending means the next upload will
have the fix included. Given the time between uploads for minor
problems that can be a long time.

A pending flag for e.g. a typo that's been there for a month is no big
deal imho.


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