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Re: how long is 'pending'

Frank Küster escreveu:
Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk> wrote:

How long should bugs be tagged pending in advance of an upload?

Is it acceptable to tag a bug pending when fixed upstream and the
maintainer is confident of an upstream release in under a week? (This
is easy for me, I'm also upstream in many cases. :-))

Does it depend on the severity of the bug?

Does it depend on the priority of the package? (or the popcon score?)

Does it depend on how many bugs are tagged pending for that package?

Should the bug be tagged pending as soon as it has been fixed with a
local test package, no matter what?

I use pending to indicate "fix found, tested, committed to the
repository".  This means there's no need for anyone to work on it.
Whether the upload should be done ASAP or in the next couple of weeks
depends on the severity of the bug.
As basically a user and not a developper, when i found a tag pending i expect:
- the bug is confirmed
- there is a fix
- the fix is going to be in the next upload.
- next upload can take anykind of time ( time is not a friend of debian, as we all know)

Regards, Frank

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