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Re: Reasons for recommends and suggests

Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Without going into arcane details, you have been told that, in
> the maintainers opinion, you should be installing debconf-utils when
> you install ucf, unless yours is an unusual installation, and you know
> what you are doing.

True. However, lets not forget that this is supposed to apply to suggests as
well, for which this information would be more useful. 

Don Armstrong wrote:

>  You could just as easily assume that the package
> maintainer knows what they're talking about when they mark a package
> as Recommends: and assume that it should be actually installed in the
> default case.

That is the assumption that isn't accurate, in my experience. The maintainer
often will have a different opinion on what is the common use of a program.
While most of the time you can guess why a package has been recommended,
sometimes the relation isn't obvious, and a hint would be helpful.

OTOH, I'm not going to implement any of this, so I'll just shut up, and
apologise for the noise.


  Felipe Sateler

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