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Re: Reasons for recommends and suggests

Don Armstrong wrote:

> For example, in the case you're talking about, you'd have to explain
> that ucf would like to be able to use debconf-loadtemplate from
> debconf-utils utils when it's running as root just in case its
> templates have become corrupted. Now, you and I may know what
> debconf-loadtemplate does, what a template is, and why ucf would be
> worried about corruption of its template database, but I can't imagine
> making this intelligible to even an intermediate Debian user in less
> than 5 lines. Hell, I took 3 lines here to say something about it that
> I only understand because I read /usr/bin/ucf.

But then you could just say: "Useful in case template databases get
corrupted". There is no need to go and explain details. Just a general idea
is useful enough. If I were to read that, then I'd say: "Well, I guess
database corruption means something bad, and I want to recover from that
whenever possible. Lets install debconf-utils." I don't need to know which 
specific script is being used, what templates are, why there is a database
of them, and how that database may get corrupted. I just know that
debconf-utils would be useful in case of malfunction. Since malfunction
costs more than bandwidth and disk space, I'll install it.


  Felipe Sateler

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