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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.


this is the most constructive advice on the topic I think :-)
Thank You.


The user has that choice, to the extent that can be reasonably
expected. Consider:

The Debian project is run by volunteers: all the work done is done
because someone sees value to themselves in doing it.

Therefore, any "official support" can only be provided when a
sufficient body of volunteers decide to provide it on a continuing
basis. We have the Debian security team providing "official support"
for released stable versions of Debian, according to a policy they
voluntarily adhere to.

Any other "official support" can only come about by a similar means: a
sufficient body of people voluntarily organise themselves and put in
the ongoing work to commit to and enact a support policy. You are
welcome to help bring this about by any means you see fit, but harping
on in this forum about lack of support is unlikely to have that

This does not leave our users without other options. Anyone who wants
support for Debian, beyond what "official support" is provided by
volunteer efforts, need only speak with the many consultants who have
listed themselves as providing support services for Debian. They can
then negotiate an unofficial, customised support arrangement.

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