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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.

"Mgr. Peter Tuharsky" <tuharsky@misbb.sk> writes:

> I wrote "worse" because for Debian, this is worse. Not that it is
> damaging it somehow. Of course there naturally will be other
> distros, cooperating hopefully.
> It's "worse" because it implies, that Debian is not as good desktop
> as it ought to be.

This seems to be the core of your misconception in this thread.

Debian doesn't "ought to be" all things to all people; if another
GNU/Linux distribution meets someone's needs better than Debian, that
is not necessarily a flaw in Debian.

You clearly have many things you'd like to see improved, and hopefully
you are filing bugs in the Debian BTS where you find them in Debian

However, arguments based on "distro Foo meets needs differently,
therefore Debian is deficient" are fundamentally flawed, and you will
do well to abandon them.

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