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Re: Building packages twice in a row

[Lennart Sorensen]
> But dpkg-buildpackage will then spit out lots of warnings about being
> unable to store the deletion of a binary file in the diff.  So it
> will look ugly, but work I guess.

dpkg-buildpackage doesn't store _any_ deletions in the diff.gz - the
warning about deletions has nothing to do with a file being binary or
not.  (It also warns about binary files being _modified_, which is
quite a different matter.)

In my opinion, dpkg-buildpackage should not warn about deleted files at
all, since it is a common and correct practice.  It is much easier and
less error-prone than saving/restoring pristine files, and as such, it
ought to be encouraged, not warned about.

I'd file a bug asking for this, but clearly the warning is intentional,
so a bug is not likely to get much more attention than #12564, which is
also related.

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