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Re: Building packages twice in a row

Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@ftbfs.de> writes:

>> Wouldn't it be better to unpack a package twice in two different
>> directories, build and clean in one dir and then compare the obtained
>> tree with the tree available in the other dir?
> That would surely be the better solution to catch this policy violation.
> But the way we did it now was the fastest and easiest solution for now,
> and showed already how many packages have no correct working clean
> targets.
> We will need to patch sbuild for the changes you suggested. Feel free to
> send patches for that.

Please could you file a wishlist bug, so I don't forget about it?

If it sounds OK, I will add an option to do that.  It should be as
simple as copying the directory after dpkg-source has been run, and
then diffing it after running debian/rules clean at the end of the


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