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apparently-corrupted-elf-binary lintian problems on recent sid and amd64


I have a package that built fine in June 2006 but when I rebuild it now
in my up to date pbuilder sid chroot gives me the lintian error

Two things changed since June 2006: the contents of sid and the
architecture of my computer, which was i386 and now is amd64.

I don't know how to get to the end of this, so I ask for help.

You can get the source package with a simple apt-get source scim-chewing

I'm tring to build version -2 for upload, but it's giving me this
problem.  Since the changes are very minor, the problem can be
reproduced with the -1 version that is in Debian now.

What's going on?  How can I build this thing correctly here?



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