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Re: apparently-corrupted-elf-binary lintian problems on recent sid and amd64

Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org> wrote:

> I have a package that built fine in June 2006 but when I rebuild it
> now in my up to date pbuilder sid chroot gives me the lintian error
> "apparently-corrupted-elf-binary".

I noticed the same problem here with several packages.  The problem
seems to be lintian on a etch system in combination with amd64.

Everything is okay when I compile on my etch amd64 system or on my sid
i386 system.  When I use the i386 sid pbuilder the packages are okay,
too.  But when I use pbuilder amd64 sid, the packages seem to be

W: xfig: apparently-corrupted-elf-binary ./usr/bin/xfig
E: xfig: statically-linked-binary ./usr/bin/xfig

If I run the etch objdump on the sid compiled binary I get:

$ objdump -T /tmp/xfig
objdump: /tmp/xfig: File format not recognized

So I entered the pbuilder amd64 sid chroot and there objdump -T works
correct.  I installed lintian in the chroot and it doesn't return any
error.  So amd64 etch objdump doesn't seem to be compatible with amd64
sid compiled binaries.



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