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Re: Announce: DebianArt.org

Hallo Alexander,

* Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> [2007-05-12 16:59]:
> * Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac@corsac.net> [070509 23:12]:
> > > What do you think? 
> > > We think this is one of the available ways for a best desktop....
> > Hmh, a nice idea would be to add preview thumbnails next to each item,
> > because clicking on each one to see full screenshot can be quite
> > annoying.
> And perhaps download without javascript?  e.g. when searching for
> wallpapers I tend to open many in new tabs with the middle mouse buttont
> and review them later.  I find it *very* annoying, to later just see
> some javascript stuff in my tab.

If you open the site for the specific image, there is a 
direct link to it so you can open it in a tab there.
Maybe that helps, but I agree, having the direct download on 
the index page would be better.
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