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CDD: GastroLinux (RFC)

Dear list,

Custom Debian Distributions are getting en vogue: After Debian-Edu 
(Skolelinux) and Debian-Med, Debian-Office had been proposed.

Now, I bear this idea in mind:

Combine too major tasks that pubs and restaurants need in one Distro:

1) use computer as media player:

There are already companies that sell dedicated PCs to restaurants. 
Anybody should be able to beat their rates by using free software like 

2) use computers as cash station:

More and more (good and bad) systems can be seen, most of which using 
touch screens. I've seen quite a few ugly and unhandy pieces of GUIs, 
however I think that this task is quite pretentious: 
- it must be stable and have backends to a database or even a cash line
- it might be desired to handle credit card readers; some cash systems 
  use cheap hardware (embedded).

I'd advise to focus on 1) but also offer 2). The default screen saver 
should make some P.R. for gnu/linux/debian. In a pub, this will get 
some publicity ;)


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