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Re: CDD: GastroLinux (RFC)

On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 02:41:41PM +0200, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Dear list,
> Custom Debian Distributions are getting en vogue: After Debian-Edu 
> (Skolelinux) and Debian-Med, Debian-Office had been proposed.
> Now, I bear this idea in mind:
> Combine too major tasks that pubs and restaurants need in one Distro:
> 1) use computer as media player:
> There are already companies that sell dedicated PCs to restaurants. 
> Anybody should be able to beat their rates by using free software like 
> Amarok. 
> 2) use computers as cash station:
> More and more (good and bad) systems can be seen, most of which using 
> touch screens. I've seen quite a few ugly and unhandy pieces of GUIs, 
> however I think that this task is quite pretentious: 
> - it must be stable and have backends to a database or even a cash line
> - it might be desired to handle credit card readers; some cash systems 
>   use cheap hardware (embedded).
> I'd advise to focus on 1) but also offer 2). The default screen saver 
> should make some P.R. for gnu/linux/debian. In a pub, this will get 
> some publicity ;)

Screen savers on LCDs really make no sense, and if it is supposed to be
a cash register then the screen saver will be amazingly annoying to the
user since they will first have to do something to get the screen saver
to go away before hitting the buttons on the touch screen.  So if you do
2, absolutely no screen saver seems about the only sane configuration.

Len Sorensen

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